Friday, December 26, 2014


In a previous post information was detailed regarding misuse of public funds by OCSE director Dan McDonald (see post dated October 16, 2014, OCSE Director Abuses Travel Funds). 

Further investigation has revealed that McDonald has also used the facsimile machine in his office and long distance services to send personal documents unrelated to his performance of duties or in connection with his employment.

McDonald should be held accountable for his actions and should be removed from his position.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


According to documents obtained from the Office of Child Support Enforcement, since 2010 OCSE has spent over $30,000.00 for promotional items such as pens, keychain flash lights, clips and plastic goodie bags to be given away mainly at the Arkansas State Fair.

Why does the OCSE need to waste tax funds for promotional items?  Couldn’t these funds be better used applied towards additional positions?  A large number of complaints were recently featured on several Facebook pages of local television stations and featured in on-air newscasts about lack off and extremely poor service by OCSE (see previous posts).

From emails obtained it appears that when DFA Deputy Director Tim Leathers saw all the OCSE swag at the Arkansas State Fair in 2012, he did not recall approving their purchase (DFA procedures require an approval letter from him for such items).  Subsequent emails indicate that the required approval for 2012 purchases was not given prior to the purchase of the items even though this had been an issue in 2011.  Additionally the keychain flashlights were junk and fell apart easily posing a possible choking hazard to children.  Twana Porter, Manager of Communications and Outreach for OCSE,  was so concerned about the cheap quality flashlights she purchased being a possible choking hazard, that she told Sharon Pojar, the purchasing supervisor at the time, she “will not be using them for our outreach activities”.  When Porter was contacted by this blog about what happened to the unusable flashlights, she refused to answer or comment.  The question of what happened to the flashlights that cost $2,275.00 remains unanswered at the time this post was published.

Also in 2012, Pojar asked other OCSE employees “Can we refuse the keylites? We do not fell [sic] they are a save [sic] item to dispense to the public”.  In another email Pojar berated the performance of a subordinate, Chad Bland, who apparently failed to follow established procedure regarding purchase orders which appears to have resulted in errors in orders.

A previous post revealed that the OCSE NPOWR! program spent almost a million dollars and has a failure rate of over 75%. The NPOWR! Program spent close to $5,000.00 for stationary and envelopes alone.  In the real world the NPOWR! Program would have been shut down long ago as the services it purports to offer are already being provided by the Department of Workforce Services and it is a failed program.

How long will the people of Arkansas and their elected officials allow this agency to continue in this manner?  It’s long past time for a change in leadership at the Department of Finance & Administration and the Office of Child Support Enforcement.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


On October 30, 2014, Pam Lunsford, Child Support Supervisor I at the Searcy OCSE refused to review child support payment history with a non-custodial parent telling him that a recent judgment obtained by OCSE "makes anything before it invalid".

The judgment obtained by OCSE in fact "validates" the payment history which allowed OCSE to obtain a judgment for alleged missed payments. Lunsford's obsurd utterance is unfortunatley a typical response of an OCSE worker.

When confronted with possible errors made by OCSE, instead of admitting the mistake or trying to resolve the matter professionally, Lunsford refuses to answer a simple question saying "We can't give you an answer you will understand" insinuating the non-custodial is stupid.

Gary Tackett, OCSE Field Manager, looms over non-custodial parent.

Searcy OCSE video link

Lunsford gets our vote for best Grumpy Cat imitation

Friday, December 5, 2014


Numerous individuals voiced complaints in a post made on the Facebook page of the CBS Little Rock affilate KTHV today.

Last month the ABC Little Rock affiliate KATV ran stories and had several Facebook posts regarding complaints about the Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement.

Hopefully, the newly elected Governor will clean house at the OCSE to ensure that the agency is rid of its incompetent leadership and ineffective, wasteful programs.

KTHV Facebook page

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


An email chain between Dan McDonald and his DFA bosses reveals that McDonald and others liked the photo of McDonald bearing it all used on a flyer promoting this blog.